Children’s Foot Care

Children’s-Foot-CareThere is nothing more important to parents than the health of their child. All parents want the best for their children. At the office of Amit Shah DPM LLC a trusted podiatrist in New Jersey, we strive to give your children the very best of podiatric care from an experienced and compassionate doctor.

How to Ensure Good Health of Your Child’s Feet?

No matter whether the ankle or foot condition has occurred during growth or is the result of an injury, Dr. Shah the well known Foot & Ankle Surgeon having offices in North Brunswick & Edison, New Jersey is trained to handle any problem. At Amit Shah DPM LLC podiatric care center, diagnostic tests and evaluations are conducted for accurate diagnosis and to determine the mode of treatment.

What are the Common Podiatry Problems Faced by Children?

Pediatric Flatfoot deformity: This is one of the most common problems in kids but can become a hindrance to their movement when they grow up. We assess the child’s feet to determine the course of treatment.

Tarsal Coalition: When the flat foot becomes stiff, it gradually tends to affect movement. These could impede movement and also lead to other conditions that cause pain and can aggravate into arthritis later in life. An expert foot & ankle surgeon in North Brunswick & Edison, NJ is what you need to visit for the treatment of your child.

Abnormalities in Gait: Children walk differently from adults and over the years their balance and stride normalize to be similar to that of their parents. However, there are kids who suffer from gait abnormalities and therefore need to be treated for the same. You can come to Amit Shah DPM LLC, a trusted podiatrist to devise the right course of treatment for your child.

Skin Conditions: Kids may also suffer from diverse skin conditions on their feet. These may include ingrown toenails and warts that may get uncomfortable for them. Additional pressure while walking may make matters worse for them. However, these can be treated quite easily by Dr. Shah, a reliable podiatrist in North Brunswick, NJ.

The Solution to Your Problems can be Found Here:
At Amit Shah DPM LLC we use diverse modes of treatment to find our remedies for your child’s podiatry problems. We begin with the least invasive procedures and reserve surgeries for the most complicated cases and the ones that have not seen any improvement after the other modes of treatment have been applied.
It doesn’t matter what your child’s foot condition is and how it may have developed bring him/her to us at the earliest. You can trust us with the health and well being of your young one.

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