Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic-Foot-CareWhen you have diabetes, it becomes all the more essential to take proper care of your feet. In the absence of proper preventive care, your feet can become vulnerable to more serious problems such as XXXXXXXXXX.

What do the Statistics Say?

As per the American Diabetes Association, as many as 15.7 million people in the country have diabetes and of these almost 60% to 70% tend to develop complications that may affect their hands and feet.

Diabetic Foot Problems and How can we Help?

Diabetics are susceptible to foot problems owing to a painful nerve damage condition called peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy can affect the entire body but in most cases it causes damage to the legs and feet. Dr. Shah a leading Foot & Ankle Surgeon in New Jersey offers foot care for patients with diabetes.

The damage to the nerves can result in a sense of numbness in the feet, thereby making it difficult for diabetics to sense extreme temperatures or for that matter pain compared to someone who doesn’t suffer from diabetes. There are chances that a diabetic may suffer a cut and may not even notice the same till the time the infection spreads. Many of the diabetic problems can be taken care of by keeping a tab on the blood sugar levels and also by strengthening the immune system.

At our offices in North Brunswick & Edison, we work hard to provide our patients with the education and care they need to prevent diabetes-related foot problems and avoid the serious consequences of poor foot care. Every member of our team is committed to providing detailed, attentive diabetic foot care that each of our patients deserve.

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