General Podiatry

General-PodiatryPodiatrists have to see different kinds of feet every day, each requiring care and individualized treatments. A general podiatry treatment comprises the assessment and the subsequent treatment of various nail and skin conditions. If you are looking for expert podiatry services or foot & ankle surgeon in North Brunswick & Edison, NJ, then you can trust Amit Shah DPM LLC. Dr. Shah is an Ivy League trained, board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who has been practicing in the Central Jersey area for more than 10 years.

What Do Our Expert Podiatry Services Include?

Podiatry involves the care of corns, nail disorders, calluses and bio mechanics of the foot using orthotics/arch supports. Podiatrists are currently trained in advanced surgical techniques. General podiatry also involves the conservative management of pains and aches of the foot and ankle from heel pain, bunion and hammertoe deformities, nerve entrapment, bracing for ankle sprains, casting of fractures/broken bones and prescribing of arch supports/orthotics. General podiatry also includes the treatment of thickened fungal toenails and management of all skin related ailments of the foot and ankle. Using the latest techniques and equipment, Dr. Shah offers heel pain relief in addition to other benefits. Restore health to your feet with care from our foot and ankle surgeon in North Brunswick & Edison, NJ.

What are the common podiatry problems?

Corns and calluses (hyperkeratosis) refers to the development of hard and dead skin in areas which are exposed to friction and pressure. A corn is a concentration of dead skin cells that cause pain when pressure is put on them.

Fungal toenails are one of the most common nail conditions. These speckled, discolored, thickened and crumbly nails indicate a fungal nail infection. Topical over the counter treatments may seem ineffective while treating extremely thick nail plate.

Tinea or Athlete’s Foot is a kind of fungal infection of the feet, which is characterized by tiny blisters on the skin, peeling skin and itchy feet. A secondary bacterial infection may also happen if there are cracks on the skin.

Plantar warts in most cases are mistaken to be corns. It is a viral lesion which can be quite painful and also spread quickly over the foot and also to other parts of the body. These warts can be difficult to treat and therefore need to be diagnosed early.

Ingrown toenails are largely due to inappropriate nail cutting techniques or trauma to the nail. Whenever a small spike of nail remains on the side of the nail or the nail plate is extremely wide, an ingrown and painful nail can occur. It is best to have them treated from the very outset so as to avoid excruciating pain and inflammation.

What Can You Do to Get Rid of the Podiatry Problems?

It is better to be cautious about your feet and take care of it rather than repenting later. You can get rid of foot and ankle pain with care and treatment from an experienced podiatrist like Dr. Shah.

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