Sports Injury

sports-injuryInjuries are quite common among athletes but these should not prevent you from being out of action for long. If you have been hurt while playing, then you can get in touch with Dr. Shah a Foot & Ankle Surgeon having offices in North Brunswick & Edison NJ. Dr. Shah is a trusted podiatrist in New Jersey offering superior treatment in case of sport injuries.

How to Go About Sport Injuries?

Sport podiatry involves the treatment of foot, ankle, knee and leg injury by taking care of the lower limb function through a variety of methods such as footwear, exercises and insoles. Dr. Shah will analyze the injury and then evaluate its impact on the other joints and also suggest the proper course of treatment so that the injury isn’t aggravated further.

Sports persons are vulnerable to injuries. If you suffer from one injury after another, then you should definitely see a sports podiatrist or one who specializes in sports injury. At our offices , we work closely with our patients to ensure that their injuries are treated properly and they recover soon enough.

The different kinds of sports injuries include Plantar Fascitis, ankle sprain, ACL strain, quad strain, pulled hamstring, hip bursitis and lower back pain among others.

What Can We Do For You?

We will evaluate your sports injury and your medical history before starting the treatment. Each patient is different and so are their medical needs. To ensure that all our patients are comfortable, we answer all their questions and also review the rehabilitation options. In fact, rehabilitation is one of the key aspects of the treatment of sports injuries. In order to make it easier for our patients, we offer

  • Great attention to detail
  • Flexible hours to suit your schedule
  • Client satisfaction

Dr. Shah will work with you closely and make sure that get you back on your feet once your treatment has been completed. Call us for an appointment today!

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